I’ve been asked to create a series of journalism classes for junior high and high school students in Manassas Park on Fridays beginning March 16 at 3 p.m. through May at the new Manassas Park Recreation Center.

TITLE: Journalism for the Rest of UsFridays, March 16-May 25, 2012 (11 classes) Journalism teaches you to write for life across multiple media platforms: print (newspapers and magazines), broadcast (radio and television), online (desktop and mobile) and for public relations. In this this hands-on introductory course across 11 weeks and classes, you will learn the basics of news writing and reporting with an emphasis on ethics, accuracy and social media. You will learn about Associated Press Style. Whether you want to be a journalist or work in any other profession, practicing good journalism teaches good citizenship. We will create a class blog and publish your best work.

Some classroom computers available; feel free to bring your own computer or mobile device — and your curiosity!