Archives for May 1st, 2012

Can you really get in on the Facebook IPO?

Everything you want to know about the impending Facebook IPO in 150 minutes — and with a pulsating soundtrack to boot!

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The president makes a joke (or two)

Just in case you missed President Obama’s monologue at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

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The place to meet on the Fairfax campus

The George Mason statue is kitty-corner to the Johnson Center and the Mason Pond Parking Deck, where guests can easily park on the first three levels (Fairfax campus map). As soon-to-be emeritus faculty, I'm always happy to meet with friends and my former Mason students on campus.

Alum Kevin McCarthy at work

Film critic and GMU alum Kevin McCarthy encouraged students during his many visits to my GMU classes to pursue internships and "get noticed!" See some of Kevin's terrific interviews on his Nerd Tears website.