NBC News' poor treatment of Ann Curry.

I have respected Ann Curry‘s humane journalism for more than a decade. I came to personally respect her several years ago when she played host to the conclusion of a cross-country LIVEstrong fundraising cycling trip that finished on the Oval in Washington D.C. There was no doubting her sincerity and dedication.
Ratings are down for the NBC News division, including their flagship “Today Show,” where Curry has been a co-host for a year and part of the anchor team for 15 years. She seems to be the scapegoat.
While the program prefers tripe like “Where in the World is Matt Lauer,” Ann Curry is making a difference with her reporting in Darfur.
I find this whole episode shabby. NBC remains my broadcast news network of choice. But I watch “Morning Joe” rather than the “Today Show.” I guess that mades me part of the problem for NBC>
Here is video from a year ago highlighting Curry’s career.

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