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The good old hockey game

There’s the National Hockey League season, short as it was thanks to the lockout. And then there is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. a season in its own that will stretch to the end of June this year. As a Detroit Red Wings fan, I was relieved that the Wings qualified for the playoffs for the […]

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The very definition of a Datsyukian deek

I’ve been meaning to post this video of the Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk taking the puck in his own defensive end and skating away from and through the entire Nashville team on Feb. 19 to score a goal. It’s the best end-to-end rush I can remember seeing since a Stanley Cup goal by the New […]

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In case your forgot

Yahoo! Sport’s Puck Daddy is really Greg Wyshynski, who’s from Lessburg, Va. Greg, a fabulous blogger who’s as much on top of his beat — hockey — as anyone I know, once told me that his only fear was going to bed and missing something! Here’s a Puck Daddy video that presents 113 things that […]

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Reporter scoops the GM

Want to see a reporter beat an NHL general manager to the punch when it comes to access to a player? Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic even impressed Coyotes GM Don Maloney with this scoop!

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How to do a top-notch (sports) interview

I’m not all that familiar with the work of The Sports Network’s (TSN) James Duthie, but if you want to view how a good reporter handles an interview, check out this session with outgoing Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke. No chit chat. Tough questions. No commentary. Just the questions the public was asking. […]

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Camps open today, Jan. 13. The games begin Saturday Jan. 19. The NHL has a video and a Twitter hashtag (#hockeyisback) to let us know. There’s not a commissioner, not a negotiator, not a mediator, not a lawyer to be seen in the video. Just the ice. Just the players. Just the way it should […]

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Celebrating the 2012-13 NHL season

When “Hockey Night in Canada” pays tribute to the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, well, it’s simply paying tribute to its own long-standing, honorable coverage of hockey in general. Celebrate and enjoy!

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Lord Stanley’s summer Cup plans

So, now that the Los Angeles Kings are the 2012-13 Stanley Cup champion, how will the Cup be spending its summer?

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Studying Torts, part II

The John Tortorella press conference is fast becoming an art form in how not to deal with the press.

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Winging it

I used to write columns, cover games and manage sports departments in my pre-academic days. So it isn’t often that I sit down to write a full-bodied column. But the elimination of the Detroit Red Wings from the Stanley Cup playoffs on April 20 — April 20! — was enough to motivate me to take […]

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The place to meet on the Fairfax campus

The George Mason statue is kitty-corner to the Johnson Center and the Mason Pond Parking Deck, where guests can easily park on the first three levels (Fairfax campus map). As soon-to-be emeritus faculty, I'm always happy to meet with friends and my former Mason students on campus.

Alum Kevin McCarthy at work

Film critic and GMU alum Kevin McCarthy encouraged students during his many visits to my GMU classes to pursue internships and "get noticed!" See some of Kevin's terrific interviews on his Nerd Tears website.