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I teach journalism at George Mason University and the University of Mary Washington. I love the Detroit Red Wings. I ride Trek. I play TaylorMade.


Do you really understand politics?

Haven’t posted in way, way too long. But this “Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: Politics” (the first of three “Idiot’s Guides” videos, caught my attention and will probably catch yours, too.

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Broadway’s best

This may be the best opening number to an awards show (and Billy Crystal had some winners at the Oscars) I’ve ever seen: Neil Patrick Harris — with Mike Tyson — at the 2013 Tony Awards.

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The good old hockey game

There’s the National Hockey League season, short as it was thanks to the lockout. And then there is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. a season in its own that will stretch to the end of June this year. As a Detroit Red Wings fan, I was relieved that the Wings qualified for the playoffs for the […]

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No cutline necessary

There are pictures that tell it all. Wednesday night, Jose Valverde, nicknamed the Big Potato, returned to Detroit to close and save a 7-5 victory over Kansas City. Given that the Tigers had discarded Valverde after his playoff and World Series meltdowns (despite saving 110 of 118 games in three years), his return was just […]

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Mr. Hockey at 85

On the occasion of Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe’s 85th birthday. I can say proudly that I have taken a Mr. Hockey love tap (ouch!) to the upper arm! Only Jud Heathcote’s love taps compared. God bless Gordie Howe.

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Twitter is 7

Twitter is seven-years old today (March 21). Does it matter? Really? Is that a question? This is the first day of spring. Twitter was the pathway for the Arab Spring. This terrific video takes you along the path Twitter has taken the world. I trust you’re on that path, too.

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But how do you really feel, Mike?

Listen to Mike Milbury of NBCSports absolutely trash the Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin for this highlight reel of poor play again Philadelphia.

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The very definition of a Datsyukian deek

I’ve been meaning to post this video of the Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk taking the puck in his own defensive end and skating away from and through the entire Nashville team on Feb. 19 to score a goal. It’s the best end-to-end rush I can remember seeing since a Stanley Cup goal by the New […]

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Journalism lets you dream big

Why is it that I watch this short video and I think about journalism? How about you? When I Grow Up from The Academy on Vimeo.

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‘I have a dream’

I like to post all (or part) of Martin Luther King‘s “I Have a Dream” speech on MLK Day. I hope everyone listens to the speech at least once a year just to remember why the day is so much more than some business’s furniture sale or some such thing. This year, President Obama‘s second […]

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‘We the people’

Got about 20 minutes? Even if you caught it the first time, President Obama’s second inauguration speech is worth another listen — or a first listen if you missed it. The theme you will hear repeated is “we the people” — decidedly NOT “me the person.” Listen and see what you think.

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In case your forgot

Yahoo! Sport’s Puck Daddy is really Greg Wyshynski, who’s from Lessburg, Va. Greg, a fabulous blogger who’s as much on top of his beat — hockey — as anyone I know, once told me that his only fear was going to bed and missing something! Here’s a Puck Daddy video that presents 113 things that […]

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The place to meet on the Fairfax campus

The George Mason statue is kitty-corner to the Johnson Center and the Mason Pond Parking Deck, where guests can easily park on the first three levels (Fairfax campus map). As soon-to-be emeritus faculty, I'm always happy to meet with friends and my former Mason students on campus.

Alum Kevin McCarthy at work

Film critic and GMU alum Kevin McCarthy encouraged students during his many visits to my GMU classes to pursue internships and "get noticed!" See some of Kevin's terrific interviews on his Nerd Tears website.