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Reporter scoops the GM

Want to see a reporter beat an NHL general manager to the punch when it comes to access to a player? Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic even impressed Coyotes GM Don Maloney with this scoop!

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How to do a top-notch (sports) interview

I’m not all that familiar with the work of The Sports Network’s (TSN) James Duthie, but if you want to view how a good reporter handles an interview, check out this session with outgoing Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke. No chit chat. Tough questions. No commentary. Just the questions the public was asking. […]

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Camps open today, Jan. 13. The games begin Saturday Jan. 19. The NHL has a video and a Twitter hashtag (#hockeyisback) to let us know. There’s not a commissioner, not a negotiator, not a mediator, not a lawyer to be seen in the video. Just the ice. Just the players. Just the way it should […]

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A look back at 2012

If you’re not familiar with JibJab, a look back at 2012 will make you a fan: “The End Is Here!” Well, let’s hope not!

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MTV tribute to Spiderman

MTV Geek has put together this video tribute to Amazing Spider-Man, featuring several people involved in the comic (including writer Dan Slott), Stan Lee (of course), Norman Reedus and several of the cast members of Jersey Shore. Well … they are on an MTV show, so that makes sense. Get More: MTV Shows

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The end of print (for Newsweek)

Here’s a video tribute to Newsweek’s “esteemed history, 80 years of informing, exposing, explaining, enlightening, and trailblazing.” The news magazine will no longer be available in print but rather, on iPads and Kindles.

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‘Hallelujah/Sandy Screw Ya’

I’ve always liked Adam Sandler’s appropriate-for-the-season “Hannukah Song” (Chanukah to some of you), and he should have a big audience as well for his version of “Hallelujah/Sandy Screw Ya” at the 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit Concert Madison Square Garden. Not a bad concert (Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Sir Paul McCartney), and hopefully, […]

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JFK wants you to vote

President John F. Kennedy encourages you to show how strongly you believe in our democracy by exercising your right to vote on Tuesday, November 6. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is proud to present his significant message. To see additional films, photos, documents and oral histories from the Museum’s collection, visit the online […]

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Adele’s theme song for ‘Skyfall’

If you like Adele and James Bond, then you’ll like the theme song for the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” in theaters Nov. 9.

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The politics of hope

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is THE picture. Perhaps there is hope for our politics?

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A video Charles Darwin might like

I’m not quite sure how anti-evolutionists and fundamentalists are going to feel about this video. Amazing that some of us still question Darwin. But then, in light of Superstorm Sandy, we still have folks who question climate change. Why does it feel that we’re reliving the 19th and early 20th century at times? So for the […]

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How about a little FEMA love?

When it comes to an emergency situation like coping with a natural disaster like the Frankenstorm, Sandy, everybody except Mitt Romney seems to love FEMA and federal government. Am I correct here, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie? The governor had lots of nice things to say this morning about both. Wondering about how Mitt Romney feels about […]

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The place to meet on the Fairfax campus

The George Mason statue is kitty-corner to the Johnson Center and the Mason Pond Parking Deck, where guests can easily park on the first three levels (Fairfax campus map). As soon-to-be emeritus faculty, I'm always happy to meet with friends and my former Mason students on campus.

Alum Kevin McCarthy at work

Film critic and GMU alum Kevin McCarthy encouraged students during his many visits to my GMU classes to pursue internships and "get noticed!" See some of Kevin's terrific interviews on his Nerd Tears website.